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David Brown

David Brown, Medium Vase
David Brown, 2 Medium Bowls
David Brown, Medium Bowl
David Brown, Round Form
David Brown, 2 x Medium Bowls

David Brown

David studied ceramics at the Derby & District College of Art (N.D.D.) and attended the School of Art Education, Birmingham (A.T.D. and full Teachers Cert.). From then on, he had a double career as a teacher/Head of ceramics, from 1968 to July 1999 at Yeovil College; and as a prolific Potter.  Twice, as an Exchange Professor, he taught in the U.S.A.

In 1986, David established his studio in Somerset.

His work:

David makes a range of high-fired stoneware pottery, which has been featured, in “Ceramic Review”, “Quarto”, “Scene” and many other publications. He specialises in one-off pots, some thrown and others coil-built using a variety of glazes, which are poured at different thicknesses to create texture.  His work can be found in Museum collections both in the USA and England.


Since 1965, David has taken part in over 40 exhibitions both in the USA and the UK.

He has exhibited in London, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Plymouth, Oxfordshire and Wales, to name but a few. Some have been individual shows and others in conjunction with the Craft Potters Association and the West Country Potters Association.