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Hilary Mayo


Hilary Mayo, Favela Vessel

Hilary Mayo, Favela Vessel


Hilary Mayo

Hilary graduated in 1983 with a BA (Hons) History of Art and Design – Manchester Polytechnic and Buffalo State University, New York, USA

In 2009, she returned to University to graduate in 2011 with a HE Diploma in Fine and Applied Art: Ceramics- City Lit/London Metropolitan University.


  • In 2014: Selected for the Crafts Council Hothouse Programme #4, funded by the Arts Council.

Her work:

Hilary says: “My work reflects memories and moments that have moved me. Details in the landscape, or buildings catch my eye; peeling paint, a mark on the wall, a rusted nail, a crumbling feature, a wire fence, a corrugated roof……fragments that tell a story.”

She makes fine art ceramics; vessels and sculptural pieces using stoneware and porcelain paper clay.

Fine rims and cracked glazes suggest fragility that is a feature of her work, and the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic is ever present in the imperfections she embraces. Her work is hand built, the making clearly shown with overlapping seams. An impression made with the head of a nail creates a full stop completing the vessel.

She enjoys incorporating other materials such as wire and found objects. The fragile, light, organic, porcelain form is altereded with an object and the shiny crackle glazed interior contrasts with the unglazed matt textured in the exterior. The viewer frequently brings their own interpretation to these pieces, making a connection in a way Hilary had not anticipated.

Layers of underglaze, slip, oxides and glaze are applied, to the stoneware pieces, with a brush and fired to 1260° C, in an electric kiln. She makes all her own glazes.

Exhibitions include:

  • The Roundhouse Gallery                                                               Foston
  • Made London                                                                                Marylebone
  • New Craftsman Gallery                                                                St Ives
  • Tinkers on The Green                                                                   Walberswick
  • New Brewery Arts                                                                        Cirencester
  • The Artichoke Gallery                                                                   East Sussex