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Abigail North

Abigail North

Abigail North trained in ceramics in London and later in Devon under the guidance of Bruce Chivers. After a year as an assistant to the potter Penny Simpson, now works from her own studio on the edge of Dartmoor.

Her work:

Much of her work is inspired by her moorland surroundings on the edge of Dartmoor, where she live and work. A ‘stoneware’ range made from mixed clays is evocative of the granite found on the moor and a ‘fern’ range of mocha ware ceramics, which captures the delicacy and intricacy of local ferns and lichen. The latter is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional body of ‘mocha ware’ pottery, which is rarely seen or made nowadays. Most recently, she has started to create texture on the exterior of vessels, using a wonderful stoneware clay from a local clay pit in the south-west.

Abigail make wheel thrown and hand built/hand decorated ceramics, inspired by her moorland surroundings. I feel privileged to live in this beautiful area, and to be able to spend my time making carefully hand crafted ceramics. She also make small batches of ceramics or individual pieces, which are mostly thrown in porcelain or stoneware on an electric wheel or occasionally slump moulded into handmade moulds.