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Alison West

Alison West

Her curiosity in ceramics was aroused whilst living in a traditional pottery area in Japan, which encouraged here to explore the medium at greater depth. She trained with Bruce Chivers on her return to the United Kingdom.

Her work:

Alison’s pots reflect the experience of living in Japan; she says: “I do not consciously aim to create Japanese style pots, but there is an influence of traditional form”. Her pots are Hand-thrown or slab-built porcelain vessels & tableware.

Her porcelain vessels are fired in a saggar (a container) packed with organic combustible material in which pots are buried; then, the saggar is sealed and placed in a gas kiln and fired slowly. The ancient process of Saggar Firing is used to create natural surface pattern with local organic material such as ferns, seaweed, leaves, grasses and naturally occurring minerals. Saggar fired ceramics are the result of mixing the elements to create unique, unrepeatable transference of colour, pattern and texture from these materials, without glaze.

“Sealed Earth” is a range of functional saggar-fired porcelain tableware. It is unglazed and sealed with Liquid Quartz; a non-toxic and food safe water based sealer that transforms unglazed ware into waterproof, highly stain resistant, functional tableware. The porcelain is bisque-fired to high temperature to assure durability before a second firing in a saggar container, same as the porcelain vessels method above.

Exhibitions include:

  • Ferrers Gallery                                                Derbyshire
  • Royal Albert Memorial Museum                      Dartmoor
  • Art in Clay                                                       Hatfield House
  • Thelma Hulbert Gallery                                   Devon
  • Handmade in Britain                                       Chelsea