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Caroline Smith

Caroline Astrop-Smith

Caroline studied at Reigate Art College and then took the National Diploma in Design. She spent 1962/63 studying and painting in Italy. On her return she joined the design group Bayliss/Adams working for a year in advertising graphics. In 1964 she started work with Astrop Hill Design Associates as Fashion Artist and became a regular contributor to Vogue, Harpers, Queen, Elle etc… She designed costumes for TV extravaganzas and personalities of the period. 1969 worked on illustration and fashion for Cosmopolitan magazine, Redbook and Macalls. 1970-1975 most of her work was for Germany and Holland and during this period Caroline started to paint seriously.

Work in private collections includes: France, Holland, Hong Kong and Australia.

Her Jewellery: She specialises in exclusive jewellery created from original antique and ancient elements. All her necklaces are created from original antique, decorative beads, pendants and talismans from ancient civilizations throughout the world. Each piece is totally unique and never to be repeated. Exquisite silver, coral, turquoise, jade and rare trade beads are selected and harmoniously combined to make a totally individual and creative statement to enhance your personal image.

Paintings commissions include:

  • Commissioned by the Egyptian Government to paint three large murals in total about 45 feet by 10 feet, and design two glass doors for the Pyramids Hotel, Cairo.
  • Twelve paintings for the Shangri La Hotel in Hong Kong.
  • Eighteen paintings for the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.

Art exhibitions include: (UK, France, Spain, Netherlands)

  • Towner Art Gallery (for the Arts Council)                         Eastbourne
  • Smith’s Gallery                                                                London
  • Powdermills Gallery                                                        Battle
  • Hop Gallery                                                                     Lewes