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Emily Stracey

Emily Stracey

Emily did a Foundation studies in Art at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design. This was followed by a BA (Hons) Crafts Degree from the Manchester Metropolitan University.

She has an established studio where she runs day workshops, including regular after school art classes.

Awards obtained:

  • Research Grant for an Art and Craft publication to be distributed in waiting rooms ‘While You Are Waiting’        Southern Arts
  • A 4 E Lottery grant for ‘Loretta’ s holiday home’
  • New Work Award                                                                                                                                                         Southern Arts
  • Crafts development fund                                                                                                                                               Southern Arts

Her work:

Emily’s work aim to give an entertaining and diverse insight into lives of various animals: mainly that of the feline species.

Strongly influenced by her imagination, she tells strange and humorous stories, through mixed media sculpture often accompanied by words, captions or labels. Inspired by general happenings in everyday life and the unusual characteristics of human behaviour, bizarre tales are weaved around individual animal characters.  These ridiculous anecdotes are brought to life through the use of the rough black and white finish of Raku fired ceramics juxtaposed with lively, colourful textiles and enhanced by words, which elaborate on the narrative behind each sculpture.

All Emily’s ceramics are hand-built so each piece is individual in character and personality.

Exhibitions include:

  • New Designers, Business Design Centre                                          Islington
  • Pam Schomberg Gallery                                                                   Colchester
  • Walford Mill Craft Centre                                                                 Wimborne
  • Simon Drew Gallery                                                                         Dartmouth
  • Beatrice Royal Gallery                                                                       Southampton
  • Ginger Gallery                                                                                  Bristol
  • Jelly-Leg’d Chicken Gallery                                                               Reading
  • Bell Fine Art                                                                                     Winchester
  • Aspex Gallery                                                                                   Portsmouth
  • Russell Cotes Museum                                                                      Bournemouth