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Françoise Dufayard

Françoise Dufayard

 Françoise studied ceramics at the A.P.E.P. (Ceramic Department) of Fontblanche, Vitrolles in France. This was followed, a year later by obtaining the CAP “Tourneur en poterie”.

She then, travelled for a full year (1981- 82) to study Asian ceramics; Nepal, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China. She set up her own studio in 1988.

Public & Private Collections: in France, USA, UK, India, Brazil etc…

  • University of Wales
  • Musée national de céramique at Sévres, France
  • The Sculpture Park, Farnham

Her work: She has developed a very personal interpretation of slipware, which creates a translucence in her work and gives her decoration a quality one sees only in painting; something of a rarity in this medium. This can be attributed in part to her exploration of Eastern ceramic traditions on her visits to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Uzbekistan, Tibet and recently Sri Lanka. Her very individual brushstrokes can be read as personal reflections of this Eastern influence.

Françoise had the double opportunity to work and exhibit in India. Her last stay was in  2009 when she took part in  the Terra Cotta  Camp at The Sanskriti Kendra Foundation of New Delhi. The aim of this residency was to encourage intercultural artistic dialogues and collaborations between European ceramic artists and their Indian counterparts.

Recent Commissions:

  • Jerwood Gallery Hastings: Alfred Wallis Collection •
  • Emma Mason British Prints: Robert Taverner Beakers
  • Claremont Hotel Brighton: Bespoke Wall Vases
  • White Meadows Primary School, Littlehampton: 6m2 wall art work
  • Private Client: Outlandishly large cheese dish.

Exhibitions include:

  • Galerie Terra Viva                                                                 Gard, France
  • Galerie Kunst en Keramiek                                                   Deventer, Pays Bas
  • Galerie Loes & Reiner                                                           Deventer, Pays Bas
  • Rufford Craft Centre                                                              Angleterre
  • Plymouth Arts Centre                                                            Angleterre