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Gillian Acreman

G Acreman, Box with Wooden Lid & Round box
G Acreman, Box Wooden Lid & Bun feet
G Acreman, Box with Wooden Lid
G Acreman, Lidded Box & Pyramid box
G Acreman, Dark Beaker & Round box

Gillian Acreman

Gillian trained at Newland Park College of education and has a B.Ed. in art and philosophy. She taught for 20 years before becoming a professional potter in 1998. In 1999 she set up a new workshop at her farmhouse deep in the Somerset countryside, producing work in stoneware and porcelain.

Her work:

The pots are made from fine white porcelain, are hand-built or thrown and fired in an electric kiln. They are usually unglazed and coloured with slips, stains and a variety of metal oxides. The textured marks are made mainly by impressing the surfaces with a variety of man-made and natural materials. They are blended with some manual etching to create abstract images suggestive of the landscape and of man’s influence upon it. Colours are used to evoke the effects of light, weather and seasonal changes upon these landscapes and come from observation of the altering moods of the sky and sea. The plants used to impress into the surfaces are mostly native to the local area and so are also dependent on the season.

Gillian says “I try to capture a fragment of the world – a little earth, water and sky in each pot.”

Exhibitions include:

  • The Marine House Gallery                                           Beer
  • Cotehele Gallery                                                           Cornwall
  • The Courthouse gallery                                                Somerton
  • The Meeting House                                                      Ilminster