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Helen Harrison

Helen Harrison, mug & Jug
H Harrison, Heart Dish

Helen Harrison

Helen studied Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art, specialising in ceramics and gaining a B.A. Honours. Then, she culminated her studies by attaining a place at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 1995 with a Degree of Master of Arts. Since then Helen has been designing and making tableware; widely exhibiting throughout the UK and is a selected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Her work:

The way an object feels to hold and uses are important considerations for me while shaping a functional piece on the throwing wheel. My aim is to capture the sense of fluidity of the raw clay within the finished piece.

Design concepts for my ceramics come from many places, including modern Architecture, which is influential in the shaping of the larger sculptural dishes. Also nature and the coastline hold a great fascination, the logarithmic spirals of sea shells, to the curve of the sail of a boat gliding through the sea, are assimilated into the shaping of my tableware designs.