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Jennifer Colquitt

Jennifer Colquitt

Jennifer did for a Foundation Studies, FAD, Wolverhampton Polytechnic. This was followed by a FAD, Wolverhampton Polytechnic and was Awarded First Class Honours in Ceramics. She then did a FAD, Birmingham Polytechnic and Awarded Post Graduate Diploma in the History of Art & Design.

During this period she taught in the Schools of Industrial Ceramics, Interior Design and Foundation Studies.  Teaching was absorbing and challenging, she has never regretted it.  As the teaching was part time she was able to establish a studio in Dudley and worked there when she was not teaching.

Her work:

Her main pre-occupation is with making decorative wall panels, small bowls and brooches and then firing them successfully. It is always a tussle between the clay, the kiln and herself. Currently she uses a fine quality Porcelain clay – it is fascinating as a material as it combines fragility with great strength as it has to withstand high firing temperatures. Colour is obtained with oxides and metallic lustres.  The themes are continually reworked – trees, leaves and flowers used in a simple direct way. She frequently visits France and has always responded to both the landscape and the decorative art discovered in Romanesque churches. She also enjoys the playful qualities of Naive Art frequently discovered in France. Recently she has been working with extruded forms finding these a different challenge to decorate.

Exhibitions include:

  • Wem Town Hall, showcase                                         Shropshire
  • Worcester Art Gallery                                                 Worcester
  • The Gallery Upstairs                                                   Henley-in-Arden
  • City Art Gallery                                                            Wolverhampton
  • Craft in the Bay                                                           Cardiff