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Janie Ramsay

Janie Ramsay, 2 Vases
Janie Ramsay, Bottle
Janie Ramsay, Bowl
Janie Ramsay, Box
Janie Ramsay, Jug
Janie Ramsay, Jug

Janie Ramsay

Janie graduated from Leicester Polytechnic in 1978 with a B.A. Hons in three-dimensional design (ceramics and glass). While there, she focused mainly on mould-making and slip-casting techniques making bone china pieces based on natural forms.

In 1979-80, she received a Turkish Government scholarship to study Turkish Ceramics. Based in Istanbul, she also travelled to various regions of the country developing her interest in the fascinating art and culture of this extraordinary country. On returning from Turkey, she worked for some time as an Archaeological Draftsperson at Dover Museum in Kent, drawing their collection of Medieval and Roman pottery for records and reports.

Janie also teaches on a private basis.

Membership:    – Member of the West-country Potters Association

                            – Member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen

Her Work:

Since moving to Devon in 1999, Janie has been working in stoneware, making sculptural pieces and hand built vessels. Her inspiration and interest centres around the female nude and the dramatic moorland and coastal landscapes of Devon and Cornwall. Also, her time spent in Turkey, with its extraordinary range of antique and contemporary ceramics, and at the museum in Dover have had an underlying influence on all her creative endeavours.

 Predominantly hand built stoneware; her work is fired to approximately 1180 – 1200 C° degrees. In the main, it is decorated using coloured decorating slips and wax resist, then fired four or five times to 950 C° degrees to achieve the desired surface texture. Janie uses various methods for building her pots: modelling, coiling, slabbing and pinching, in fact any other method her imagination can devise. The pieces are then given a bee’s wax polish finish to give them a less dry, more velvety quality, which can be re-polished whenever necessary.

Exhibitions include:

Over the years, Janie exhibited her work in a variety of galleries and outlets in London and the South East as well as in Somerset, Cornwall and Devon, including the Burton Gallery in 2006.