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Janis Glover

Janis Glover

Janis graduated with a BA Hons Fine Arts Degree from Birmingham College of Art, which was followed by a Post-graduate Degree at Whitelands College London

She is experienced in running workshops for adults and in schools.

She is a Member of Bideford Bay Creatives and North Devon Arts

Her work:

Janis works in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolour as a direct response to the landscape of the moors, beaches and figures. She says: “Dartmoor and Exmoor are both places I return to, time after time.” Whatever the season, they are breathtakingly beautiful and constantly changing. Over the centuries the moors have been marked by an intricate pattern of pathways, fields and walls. Her paintings and pastels explore the shifting character of the moors as wild and primordial places, at times overwhelming the overlay of mankind.

The beach holds a deep fascination for her, with its constantly varying rhythms of colours and textures. She especially loves the combination of pebble, rock pool, sand and wave.

Drawing and painting the nude is a traditional art discipline, which informs all her work. Just as there are man-made marks in the landscape, there are landscape qualities in the figure.

Her paintings are an emotional response to a particular pattern or depth of colour in the landscape, working to attain that perfect light as a defining factor. She is fascinated by the atmospheric quality of the light that captures the marks made by people and nature over centuries on the map of North Devon.

Janis enjoys working to commission and use a range of media on small and large scale works.

Exhibitions include:

  • The Burton Art Gallery                                                  Bideford
  • The Plough Arts Centre                                                Torrington
  • The Arts Gallery                                                            Okehampton
  • The Old Pie Factory Gallery                                          Margate
  • AONB UNESCO                                                            Biosphere Reserve
  • Harbour House                                                              Kingsbridge
  • Tanners Yard Gallery                                                     Crediton