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Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes

After her GCSE level in 2008, Jennifer furthers her Studies at Petroc College in Barnstaple with a Fine Art Degree in 2014.

Her work:

Growing up in the wilds of rural Scotland, Jennifer always had a passion for the changing landscape and environment, natural erosion by the weather. Time holds a complete fascination for her art and nature is the basis of her inspiration.

Moving to Devon in the millennium enforced her passion for art with its beautiful open spaces and rough, rugged shorelines and bleak and remote moors.

Jennifer’s work is inspired by these places, capturing the fine details of the ever-changing landscape albeit in abstract form before they are taken away or changed by the elements. She takes the time to reflect on this, in her work, through self-expression and memory; appreciating the complexity of nature in all forms such as the patination of a rock face to the intricacy of details in lichen.  Her imagination and creativeness encourage Jennifer to get the very best personal abstract representation. Her art takes her on a journey through time; her passion for the landscape enables her to create what she enjoys most.

Exhibitions include:

Broomhill Sculpture Park                                      near Barnstaple

RHS                                                                      Devon

Burton Museum & Art Gallery                              Bideford