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Jill Rousseau

Jill Rousseau

Jill was born in Southampton. At the age of 11, she was awarded an Art scholarship, which involved painting and working with clay.  She has painted consistently since then, and at times diversifying into ceramics, working with porcelain.

After several years travelling, she opened a gallery in partnership with her husband, Michel, a Geologist. Their gallery became one of the most successful in the South of England, with many clients travelling from London to purchase works.  Jill and Michel sold their gallery, moved to France in October 2004 and returned to England in 2012.

Her work: At the moment, Jill works mainly in acrylic, built up with layers of paper collage. Her inspiration comes mainly from the elements of fire and water, inspired by her husband’s love for rocks and volcanoes. Work heaven is to shut herself away in her studio, with just her music and ideas for company.

Her love of rock music inspired one of her collections. She has always worked closely with the elements and the Pink Floyd album, The Dark Side of the Moon, started a journey in her mind, which evolved into a body of work.

“Almost Grown up” followed in 2010, a reflection of her life through her paintings.

She is now concentrating on her new gallery and looking forward to the next chapter.

Exhibitions include:

  • Creative Gallery                                                              Dorset
  • Wessex Fine Art & Ceramics                                          Wareham
  • Le Scorlion                                                                     France
  • Terre d’Angély                                                                France