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Jo Lucksted

Jo Lucksted

Returning to formal art studies following 10 years of experience working and teaching within a range of media, Jo completed two years of advanced ceramics and opened her studio/shop in Somerset. From there, she has produced amongst other pieces, figurative ceramic sculptures reflecting ecclesiastical themes and mythological influences. Handbuilt bowls and sculptural vignettes, bottles and framed decorative tiles celebrate the more quirky things in life. Alongside her fine art ceramics, she makes an ever expanding range of ceramic buttons and jewellery. She also runs workshops from her studio. Jo is a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen.

Her work:

Primarily, Jo works in stoneware using clays that work well with handbuilding. Pieces are produced through press-moulding and/or handbuilding. All press moulded pieces are worked by hand to form a unique finished piece. After the initial bisque firing, colour is applied with underglazes and slips; some transparent glaze is used to intensify the colours or create a contrast in surface texture. Originally using a very neutral palette, Jo, now, enjoys the movement into subtle colours with her recent body of work. Underglazes are frequently used to illustrate the work either by highlighting the form or by ‘drawing’ details such as feathers or form outline. Pieces are fired to 1260° C; certain pieces are then finished with a touch of gold coloured leaf.

Inspiration comes from the beauty of natural objects, children’s books and interior design trends.

More recent work has emerged from an interest in ‘The Golden Age’ of Dutch 17th century art, in particular still life and the paintings of Vermeer.

Exhibitions include:

  • Latitude50                                                   St Ives,
  • Air Gallery                                                   Wells
  • Ginger Fig Gallery                                       Taunton
  • Rostra and Rooksmoor Gallery                   Bath
  • Gallery on the Wey                                     Upwey
  • Blue Moon Gallery                                      Tunbridge Wells
  • Pelham House Gallery                                Cowes