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Jon Curtis

Jon Curtis, Large Bowl
Jon Curtis, 2 Bowls
Jon Curtis, 2 Cups
Jon Curtis, Mug & Tea Bowl

Jon Curtis

Having learnt from incredible potters such as Steve Sheridan, Magdelene Odundo and Gareth Mason, he has learnt from some of the best in the business and has the drive to keep learning every day. Jon says: “I love the versatility that clay allows me – everyday comes with new experimentations, challenges and surprises even after 25 years. Each and every day is a challenge to improve.”


  • Don Potter Craft Prize, Bryanston School in 1994

His work:

As a Potter, Jon enjoys the freedom clay offers you. Both with form and the excitement achieved in the firing process; and making beautiful pieces that people can use every day, not just keep for a special occasion.He has played with different glazes and firing techniques, but has predominantly settled on reduction fired celadon, with copper overspray. Jon says: “I love the array of colours offered and the unpredictability each time you open the kiln door – the 11 year old pyromaniac, in me, is always excited by the reduction process!”

Much of his influence is drawn from the coast line and the sea, from the range of colours offered at different times of day to the soft pebbles washed up along the coastline. More recently he has been using the sea glass found around his home in North Devon. The sea glass brings fantastic bursts of colour to the bottom of bowls and plates – adding to the total uniqueness of each and every piece.

Over the years, he has explored many making techniques, but always gets drawn back to the immediacy that the wheel offers.

Exhibitions include:

  • Gallery 27                                                              London
  • Farnham Pottery
  • The JC Gallery                                                       Braunton
  • Church House Design                                            Congresbury
  • New Ashgate Gallery                                              Farnham
  • Little House of Art                                                  Glastonbury