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Margaret Lawton

Margaret Lawton

After an early career in the Fashion Industry, Margaret Studied art as a mature student at the Froebel Institute (a subsidiary to London University at that time). She was awarded a B.A. Hon degree and then went on to complete a post in the September of that year.  She continued to develop her own work.

Since this time, Margaret has balanced the development of her own work as a painter, with that of being the head of a successful Expressive Arts Department, in a London Comprehensive School.

Her work:

Her connection with the Purbeck Landscape developed from 1984 onwards, after buying a cottage outside Swanage. The surrounding area has been a constant source of inspiration.

The paintings do not describe a specific place but are remembered shapes of the coastline, ancient burial mounds, strip fields, forming terraces, as well as related activities such as farming, sailing and fishing.

Colour is used to express the dramatic contrast created by light, heat, time and the seasons, each palette aims to set a specific mood or experience.

Exhibitions include:

  • Annual shows Artists Studio Gallery                                Wimbledon
  • The Regatta Gallery                                                         Richmond
  • The Alpha Gallery                                                            Swanage
  • Hicks Gallery                                                                   Wimbledon
  • 29 Cork St                                                                        London
  • The Alpha House Gallery                                                Sherborne
  • High Tide Trading                                                            Mevagissy
  • Falmouth Art Gallery                                                       Falmouth
  • Maltby Contemporary Arts                                              Winchester
  • Wessex Fine Art and Ceramics                                      Wareham