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Rachael Bennett

Rachael Bennett

Rachael attended the Art Foundation at Winchester School of Art, followed by a B.A. (Hons) Fashion and Textiles at Liverpool polytechnic. In 1977, she moved to London where she was running a successful textile design business; selling designs and commissioned work internationally. During these years, Rachael was asked to contribute to the teaching programmes of several universities as a visiting lecturer, linking the commercial world and working with students’ individual learning and development.

Then, becoming interested in inspiring the creative process, in 1996, she did an Art Therapy Foundation at the University of Bath (Affiliated B.A.A.T.). Then, for the next 4 years, she trained in art therapy and Psychodynamic counselling, culminating in a Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling (Affiliated to B.A.C.). After, she did a P.G.C.E. Secondary Art at Exeter University, still, continuing her design practice.

Her work:

Rachael is interested in the liminal spaces within landscape created by natural transitions; those uncertain, indeterminate spaces caught between one world and another. Her work is descriptive of form, light and place in an atmospheric way.

She wants the viewer to experience, for example, that psychological state of mind created at the moment between wakefulness and dreaming, that threshold moment where alchemy happens and limitless contemplation is possible.

Rachael looks at landscapes, seascapes and the ever changing weather. The intimate landscape beneath her feet is just as engrossing as the grander view, and the interplay between the two, the near and far, just as stimulating. With her painting, relationship between materials used and image created is everything to her. One is responsible for the other, it is symbiotic. The resultant conversation is where the true dialogue can happen. This is the entry point, the place where the liminal experience is possible – this is the essence of her work.