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Rachel Sargent

Rachel Sargent

Rachel studied painting at the Roehampton Institute, University of London and graduated with a B.A. Honours degree in Fine Art.

Her work:

Rachel has been greatly influenced by the landscape that she sees every day. She aims to record the feelings of space, light and mood that she experiences whilst walking on the downs, through woods and tracks and along the spectacular coastline.

Her work is about the landscape and the effects that the weather, seasons and changes in light have on it. Her compositions are simple, usually consisting of land and sky or sea and sky and their horizons. In her paintings she tries to evoke the feeling and sense of a place rather than figuratively describe it.

Rachel uses collage and mixed media such as acrylics, emulsions, watercolours, crayons, pastels and wax. She tries to let the image evolve naturally through a process of layering paint.

Exhibitions include:

  • The Slade Centre                                                     Gillingham
  • Maltby Contemporary Art                                         Winchester
  • The Gallery                                                               Dorchester
  • Alpha House                                                             Sherborne
  • Royal West of England Academy                             Bristol
  • Mall Galleries                                                            London
  • The Black Swan Guild                                              Devon