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Rosie Burns

Rosie Burns, Late Spring North Devon
Rosie Burns, Oh to be in England
Rosie Burns, Storms Coming – Westward Ho!
Rosie Burns, Yellow Buoy

Rosie Burns

Rosie sold her first painting when she was 15 year old; she has always needed something to make. Rosie trained as an Archaeological site and ‘find’ illustrator, both as part of a degree in Archaeology and Sociology; on site, as a published illustrator for the Hebrew University, Jerusalem in Israel. She then went on to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE ) in secondary Art and Design at the University of Plymouth. Her first teaching job gave access to a large Art room with a ceramic kiln, printing press and lots of materials, where she continued to develop process and technique as she taught. She continues to attend life drawing classes and other workshops to further her experience and adventures in different media.

Her work: Rosie is inspired by light and life. Her work can be broadly split into two: the figure and the landscape. Although fleeting encounters with a scene or scenario also generates work Rosie produces. Helicoidal pattern within composition connects a lot of her work; the spiralling forms of the universe, DNA, shells, surf, clouds, can be found in most of her work.

Representation of the human form is an ongoing preoccupation: gender, the association of gender roles, femininity, masculinity and its depiction in Art has generated a large body of work in different media: drawing, ink, watercolour, and print.

Rosie still uses the watercolour tin she got for her 15th Birthday; colour is a vital part of the human experience and her pallet is bright and joyous. She generally uses watercolour to record from life, out in the car, bus, train as well as still life. Oil paintings are developed from drawings, photographs and notes on places, people and things.

Exhibitions include:

  • Shoreditch                                                          London
  • Espacio Gallery, Shoreditch                               London
  • New Art Gallery, Amsterdam                              Netherlands
  • Studio 102                                                          Plymouth
  • 44AD                                                                  Bath