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Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton, Small plate
Sarah Burton, Small plate
Sarah Burton, Small plate

Sarah Burton

Sarah started making pottery at Burton-on-Trent Art School at the in late 1970’s and studied to ‘A’ Level arts and craft (pottery) RSA level II, buying a kiln a few years later and setting up a studio with a fellow potter in 1990. She became a full-time potter in 2011. She started teaching pottery evening classes in her studio in 2007 and still teaches adults when it is possible.

Prior to this, Sarah had a career in the NHS and Local Authorities as an administrator and business/support services manager.


  • Design Nation (formerly Design Factory member) 2012 – present, Co-ordinator for the Design Nation Nottingham cluster hub 2015 – present
  • Nottingham society of artists 2007 – present
  • Craft Potter’s Association (Associate member) 2018 – present

Her work:

Sarah Burton produces contemporary decorative ceramic objects and vessels inspired by the sea, landscapes and organic forms. Taking home memories of exploring a rocky coastline and rock pools, being mesmerised by all the textures and colours of the pebbles on the beaches, finding an abundance of texture and colour in arable farmland on local walks – this can all be seen in many of Sarah’s ceramics.

Celadon glazed fish and seahorse plates

When making vessels Sarah uses traditional pottery techniques of slab building, coiling and throwing on a potter’s wheel.  Ceramic plates give an ideal canvas for using a paper resist method of decorating. Sarah draws the original designs on paper and then cuts them out by hand. Combining paper cut-out designs of fish and seahorses and applying slip, each plate is biscuit fired, and then, a celadon glaze applied and re-fired in an electric kiln. The celadon glaze is semi-transparent, producing a subtle contrast between the exposed clay and the applied slip. 


Sarah has exhibited extensively in the Nottingham area.