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Stephen Yates

Stephen Yates

Stephen graduated from the University of Nottingham – (Cert. Ed) Art, Craft and Design, which was followed by a Master degree at the University of Portsmouth – MA (Ed)

Art Residency: ArtEssence Gallery, Pambula, NSW, Australia – Four weeks together with Holly Norris and sponsorship from Bega Regional Arts, NSW

Publications and Editorials: Dorset Artist Magazine, Regular columnist and reporter, 2015-16

His work:

Stephen says: “Making great art is a deep passion of mine, this leads to participation in ‘journeys’ across both land and water and I see it as part of the ‘human condition’.”

From this search for peace comes an urge to create; not based on thought, but based on feeling. Feeling, work and more work. He finds inspiration in the architecture of Nature, found from local walks, from his home on the coast at Portland, Dorset. It is where the perspective of this unique landscape is greatly altered by walking up local hilltops in West Dorset, previously occupied by ancient ancestors, and all along the Jurassic coastline, which is unrivalled in its variety.

Stephen’s artwork in both Ceramics and Painting has been described as a ‘Cipher’, a code, which reveals itself through his own personal marks of expression. He is a teacher with vast experience of leading groups in both disciplines. Working collaboratively with other Artists ‘en plein air’, has made him investigate many different approaches and avenues of exploration, creating a ‘sense of place’.

Exhibitions include:

  • The Gallery Upstairs                                          Dorset
  • Shaftesbury Gallery                                           Dorset
  • L’Artishe Gallery                                                 Dorset
  • Gallery 54                                                           London
  • Slade Arts Centre                                               Dorset