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Steve Johns

Steve Johns

Born in Bideford, most of his working life was spent in woodworking with local Companies; He was always fascinated with wood and the use of woods.

He has been involved in the making of everything with wood: from Snooker Tables to Dolls houses and contract furniture to Timber Framed houses and Magician’s props in wood. When not working for woodworking companies, He was always in the workshop in his spare time.

His work:

He dabbled with woodturning but didn’t get really interested, until he moved to live in Spain in 2008. He fell in love with all the Spanish woods and just had to make something with them; that’s when the pen turning started. Trying to recoup the costs of making them, He started exhibiting at Local Craft Markets. Since then, it has gone from strength, and now, back in Bideford, he has the opportunity to make more beautiful things full time. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have created something Beautiful, and Practical from something natural like wood.