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Sue Mundy

Sue Mundy

Sue obtained a BA (Hons) Multidisciplinary Design, direct entry, from the North Staffordshire Polytechnic. She has been teaching ceramics since 1990 in Berkshire. However, since 2013, she has been doing one/two day ceramic workshops in Colleges & Schools in England, Switzerland and France. In 1987, she set up first studio.


  • Ceramic Review. Issue 285, May/June 2017
  • Potters Marks, Eric Yates-Owen & Robert Fournier
  • Millers Collectables, 2000
  • New British Design, Peta Levi
  • 10th, 11th & 12th Potters Editions, Craft Potters Association

Membership: Craft Potters Association; Craft Council Directory; Studio Pottery

Her work:

Nature is a major source of inspiration to Sue. She combine the gentleness of undulating landscapes, the turmoil of the sea and the soft sensuality of the human form into her work.

She uses a variety of traditional hand building techniques to create contemporary sculptural forms. Using coiling, pinching and slabbing she constructs the individual pieces, brushing, scratching and in-laying textures throughout the drying process to enhance the entrenched surfaces. This can involve many repeated applications of oxides and slips.

“The moon, the sea & everything in-between”; is a series of hand-built ceramic sculptures inspired by a moment in time. With the sun setting over the tranquil sea and the moon climbing the steel blue sky, there was she, captivated by the space in-between.

Exhibitions include:

  • Andelli Art Gallery                                                          Wells
  • The Geffrye Museum                                                     London
  • New Ashgate Gallery                                                     Farnham
  • Wine Street Gallery                                                        Devizes
  • Bils & Rye Gallery                                                          Yorkshire
  • Beaux Arts                                                                      Bath